The UK's Leading Cork Recycling Scheme

UK Wide Cork Recycling.

Donate Corks -> Save Environment -> Support Charities = Awesome Social Enterprise.  

We are Recorked UK...

Why do we do it?



We strive to serve our natural environment by recycling cork stoppers, most of which will not break down in landfill. 



We donate a % of our profit to various charities, who support people and the environment.



We create employment opportunities for young people across the UK. 

Our Family of Collection Partners


Donate your corks

Donate your corks

We are getting asked a lot from members of the public for an address to send corks to and so here it is!  Recorked UK22 Newquay CloseWalsallWest Mi...

Wholesale Used Wine and Champagne Corks

We are pleased to offer large quantities of used wine and champagne style corks on a wholesale and export basis all over the world!  We have alot o...
New Cork Recycling Stations

New Cork Recycling Stations

So happy to finally see our cork recycling stations all come together! We were able to find some ideal recycling boxes with a Welsh company Packab...