The UK's Leading Cork Recycling Scheme

Collection Partners

We are actively seeking pubs, bars, hotels, restaurants, wine merchants and vineyards from around the UK to act as collection partners who can collect their wine and prosecco corks. The process to sign up is simple! 
  1. Let us know you would like to be a collection partner so we can add you to our collection partners map
  2. If you are a public donation point - we will send you out a cardboard collection unit, a collection sack and cable ties. Line the station with a normal black bag and decant when the station reaches half full into the sack
  3. If you are not a public donation point then we send a collection sack, and cable ties
  4. Fill the collection sack with corks till it reaches no more than 30kg
  5. Send the filled bags to us (Recorked, 22 Newquay Close, Walsall, West Midlands. WS5 3EP) 
  6. Let us know if you need more sacks and we will get them sent out. 


Places marked with a red recycling symbol are locations members of the public can physically drop your corks into. If you have any questions do let us know!